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We contribute to a sustainable future

More than ever before, the world’s great challenges impact our daily lives. At the Department of Materials and Production, we integrate science, engineering and management to address global challenges relevant to technology, society and the environment.

Sustainability in education and research 

At the Department of Materials and Production, our broad scope allows us an active role in the green transition from nanotechnology in energy production over large-scale wind turbines to management of production systems in the circular economy. We also address sustainability issues in the health system following demographic changes, such as medical and technological solutions to population diseases such as osteoarthritis and diabetes.  

Regional, national and international

The solution to the climate challenges and the desire for a sustainable future calls for interdisciplinary solutions and efforts across national borders. Therefore, in our research and education, we focus on collaboration that extends beyond our own professional boundaries and geography.

Collaborations on sustainability

Together with companies and other external partners, we strive to deliver valuable knowledge and contribute to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges of today's society.