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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Project management

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Project management

Many cloud service providers have provided resource-reservation-based service which allows users to customize their requests by reserving cloud resources for specific time intervals. Unlike the classic pay-as-you-go cloud service, the resource reservation-based cloud service requires a task scheduling algorithm that considers time-dependent resource availability.

The resulting task scheduling problem is a highly complex optimization problem. Also, there is an increasing need to handle large-scale cloud service demands in a (near) real-time, limiting the application of  exact or extensive search-based approaches (e.g. meta-heuristics).

To address the challenges, we study a simple but effective solution algorithm for the task scheduling problem with the time-dependent resource availability. A heuristic algorithm is designed to produce solutions with acceptable quality in a very short time.


Assoc. Prof. Peter Nielsen
E-mail:  peter@mp.aau.dk
Tlf: +45 2479 4687