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Education at Department of Materials and production

At Department of Materials and Production we educate bachelors and masters of science in the area of mechanical engineering, global business engineering, physics and nanotechnology.

On these pages you will find more information related to the study programmes.

Study programmes

Bachelor's programmes

Master's programmes

  • Entrepreneurial Engineering (Forretningsinnovation)
  • Fysik
  • Management Engineering (Produktionsledelse) with specialsation in:
    • Operations and Innovation Management (Værdikæder og Innovationsledelse)
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management (Virksomhedssystemer)
  • Materials and Nanotechnology (Materiale- og nanoteknologi)
    • Materials Technology (Materialeteknologi)
    • Nanomaterials and Nanophysics (Nanomaterialer og nanofysik)

  • Mechanical Engineering (Mekanik og produktion)
    • Design of Mechanical Systems (Design af mekaniske systemer)
    • Electro-Mechanical Systems Design (Elektromekanisk systemsdesign)
    • Manufacturing Technology (Virksomhedsteknologi)
  • Nanobiotechnology (Nanobioteknologi)
  • Produktion

Continuing education (eftervidereuddannelse)