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At the Department of Materials and Production, we provide the research framework for the engineering study programmes in Physics, Nanotechnology and Global Business Engineering.

We offer both Bachelor’s (B.Sc.) and Master’s (M.Sc.) programmes as well as regular Ph.D. courses. All teaching is conducted according to the inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented “Aalborg University model” where students work in project teams and often in collaboration with industry or the public sector. Alongside this, the students are introduced to theories and methods through lectures, courses, and work in the laboratories, i.e. problem-oriented project work.

All teaching is research based, which means that students benefit from their teachers and professors being researchers themselves. Accordingly, all students gain access to the latest knowledge within their field. Furthermore, the courses are constructed for students to test and try out their theoretical skills on a practical basis in well-equipped and modern laboratories.


If you have questions concerning the programme in which you are enrolled or a programme in which you wish to be enrolled, you may contact the programme’s subject-related student guidance counsellors. They can help you with subject-related information, for example, the academic content of the programme in question, along with examinations and projects.


If you have questions concerning admission and admission requirements, you are welcome to contact the Central Student Guidance Service. They can also help you with leave of absence and deregistration.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Educations within Physics and Nanotechnology

Educations within Global Business Engineering

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Department of Materials and Production

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