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Bachelor's programmes

Globale forretningssystemer, diplomingeniør

Mekanik og Produktion

maskinteknik i Aalborg (diplomingeniør)

Globale forretningssystemer


maskinteknik i Esbjerg (diplomingeniør)


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If you are interested in meeting us, we offer online meetings where we talk about life as a student at Aalborg University.

Feel free to ask about anything. No question is too big or small, and we are happy to answer everything from study content to study jobs to how our canteen looks and works.

It's important for us that you feel well prepared to make the right study choice for you.

Send ud an email in order to make an appointment.

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Master's programmes


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Closed for admission

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Management Engineering (produktionledelse)

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with specialisation in:

  • Operations and Innovation Management (Værdikæder og Innovationsledelse)
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management (Virksomhedssystemer).

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Materials and Nanotechnology (Materiale- og nanoteknologi)

With specialsation in:

  • Materials Technology (Materialeteknologi)
  • Nanomaterials and Nanophysics (Nanomaterialer og nanofysik)

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Mechanical Engineering (Mekanik og produktion)

Two Mechanical Engineering students doing research

with specialisation in:

  • Design of Mechanical Systems (Design af mekaniske systemer)
  • Electro-Mechanical Systems Design (Elektromekanisk systemsdesign)
  • Manufacturing Technology (Virksomhedsteknologi)

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Nanobiotechnology (Nanobioteknologi)

Continuing education (eftervidereuddannelse)

Management of Technology