Robotics and Automation

The Robot and Automation group working on projects

The Robot and Automation group at the Department of Materials and Production is engaged in research on automation and semi-automation of complex manufacturing tasks.

The research of the group is focused on three topics:

1)      Laser processing (includes topics as: remote laser cutting & welding, Hybrid laser welding, Laser forming, Multi axis robot control),

2)      Collaborative robots (includes topics as: Skill based programming, Human-robot interactions, mobile manipulators, Computer Vision, modelling of industrial processes)

3)      Smart production (which includes: Reconfigurable manufacturing systems, Advanced robotics, Digital manufacturing, Industry 4.0, industry transfer).

It is a priority of the group that the research is put into practical use. As a result, most of the research is carried out in close collaboration with industry. This can be end-users and well as system and technology providers.

Furthermore, since it is a characteristic of automation activities in manufacturing that good solutions requires a multi-disciplinary approach, the group has a great emphasis on establishing close collaboration with other research groups at the Aalborg University, as well as with research institutions nationally and internationally.


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Research Group Coordinator

Research Group Coordinator: Ole Madsen

Aalborg University
Department of Materials and Production
Fibigerstræde 16
9220 Aalborg East

Tel.: ( 45) 9940 8968