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Groups within Physics

In the nanoscale materials- and surface science group we investigate the structure and properties of materials.

Nanoscale materials science



Our activities in the Optics and Spectroscopy group are focussed on Optical Spectroscopy and Terahertz Optics. Current spectroscopic studies involve non-linear spectroscopy on nanostructured metamaterials, time-resolved spectroscopy of materials for electronic or photonic applications and integration and miniaturization of terahertz optical components.

Optics and spectroscopy


The Cluster Beam group focuses on production, deposition and characterization of metal clusters. Current studies cover formation of polymer composites with embedded size-selected clusters, cluster arrays and plasmonic structures for sensing.

Cluster beams for materials modification on the nanoscale

The theoretical nanophysics group studies the electronic and optical properties of matter using tools from quantum mechanics. We develop computer codes as well as analytical models. Much of the work is focussed on low-dimensional materials such as graphene and atomically thin semiconductors.

Theoretical Nanophysics Group