Research activities in the Physic groups  

The research activities in the Physics group cover many aspects of solid state physics, materials and optics. Both fundamental and applied research is carried out with a strong focus on optical physics and laser spectroscopy, surface physics, solar cells and materials for electronic components. Particular attention is given to nanoscale materials since nanostructures often have unexpected properties in comparison with their bulk counterpart induced by their geometry and reduced dimensions.

Theoretically we study the electronic, optical and magnetic properties of new materials and nanostructures. Advanced tools from quantum mechanics and solid state physics are used to describe materials and their properties with particular focus on low-dimensional and nanoscale structures. Theoretical analysis of electromagnetic fields in micro- and nanostructures is applied for both fundamental studies of the optics of such structures and for the design and optimization of optical components.

Experimental activities cover advanced laser techniques for imaging and spectroscopy, electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy for resolving and imaging structures and materials as well as investigating electronic properties of materials on the nano- and atomic scale. We are able to fabricate model systems of new materials including clusters, molecular systems, thin films, solid state and optical structures for device applications.

We are dedicated to combine our capabilities for fabricating, investigating and analyzing new materials to advance the understanding of both fundamental aspects and applications of materials physics.


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Research Group Coordinator: Lars Diekhöner

Aalborg University
Department of Materials and Production
Skjernvej 4
9220 Aalborg East

Tel.: ( 45) 9940 9217


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