Master’s in “Autonomous Systems” in Aalborg University Copenhagen

Cand.Polyt. i “Autonome Systemer” hos Aalborg Universitet København

Student working on robot


Imagine fleets of smart robots that collaborate in manufacturing facilities, advanced warehouse logistics solutions such as the Amazon warehouses, crew-less cargo ships, smart grids, or interconnected smart home appliances. Those are just a few examples of what we call autonomous systems.


The Master’s programme in Autonomous Systems aims at providing graduates with competences to solve complex problems related to the design and deployment of autonomous systems, exploiting the latest advances in artificial intelligence, big data analysis, digitization, sensing, optimisation, information technologies, and systems engineering. The program has been developed to build both theoretical understanding and practical experience of students, applicable to Industry 4.0, robotics and autonomous logistics, among other application areas.

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Lazaros Nalpantidis, Assoc. Professor  --