Are you going to start brushing your knees?

Woman holding around her painfull knee

Self-navigating drones move into production

Three people with a drone in front of them

From waste to fuel: The key ingredient - Collaboration

Garbage can with the recycle logo on it

Smart Production Lab: practice makes perfect!

Two men in the Smart Production Lab


Knees are vulnerable. As we grow older, they become painful and malfunctioning to such an extent that the common perception of an older person as stooped and having difficulty walking is shaped by the effects of knee osteoarthritis...                                    


Self-navigating drones that can safely manoeuvre according to the optimal flight path and can also carry up to 0.5 kg. Sounds like a pipe dream? Nevertheless, this is one of the aims of the large-scale collaboration UAWORLD*, of which the Department of Materials and Production at Aalborg University forms part....                                                                                                             



The government has put the spotlight on how Danish companies can boost the growth of green business models and better use of resources. One possibility for the industrial sector is to replace the use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil in production with alternatives...



Industry 4.0 is not just a hot topic for conversation at AAU. A ‘smart factory’ allows students, researchers and business partners to dive into the manufacturing of the future to try, test and discover the tangible opportunities of industry 4.0.