AAU's regler om dispensationer for Studerende


Blanket til ansøgning om dispensation


Dispensations are exemptions from the rules in force at the university and can only be granted in case of extraordinary circumstances (e.g. illness).

An application for dispensation must contain:

  • Applicant’s name and CPR-no.
  • A precise account of what is applied for
  • Reason for the application
  • Making probable that the dispensation can remedy the problem
  • Medical certificate or other documentation

The study board cannot grant a dispensation due to lack of academic ability (e.g. that the exam was difficult or the student failed to prepare properly for the exam).


Your application for dispensation must be submitted in due time, i.e. no later than 7 work days before the study board’s next meeting.

Below you can read more detailed about dispensations regarding 4th examination attempt and first-year exam:


* Explain the reasons for not having passed your 3rd examination attempt

* Explain how you expect to pass the exam at the 4th attempt 

* Explain how you will prepare yourself for the 4th attempt. We urge you to contact the student counsellor to make a study plan of action. The study plan must be submitted together with your application for dispensation.

Typically, only a so-called ‘extraordinary circumstance’ will result in a dispensation. If the study board cannot grant a dispensation to the 4th examination attempt, the student cannot continue the study programme, because the student concerned has exhausted his or hers examination attempts (cf. Ministerial Order on Admission and Enrolment on Bachelor Programmes at Universities, section 31) and the student’s enrolment will be terminated 14 days after the decision has been made.


The first-year exam consists of two requirements: attendance and passing. Both requirements must be fulfilled before the student can be allowed to continue the study programme.

Attendance: Before the end of the first study year at the bachelor of engineering programmes and the bachelor programmes the student must attend, i.e. get an assessment, all exams.

Passing: The student must pass all exams at the first and second semester before the end of the second study year after study start.

The study board may grant a dispensation in case of extraordinary circumstances.