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At Department of Materials and Production, we engage in strategic cooperation with both private companies and public institutions such as other universities and municipalities. Through such cooperation, we contribute to further research and education at both a national and international level.


We readily participate in research collaboration projects and consulting work together with external collaboration partners, industry, etc. The collaboration projects often entail means such as Ph.Ds, co-financed positions and sharing equipment. In addition, the collaborative projects frequently involve third-party funding from various public funding opportunities such as DSF, HTF, PSO, EUDP, etc. We have a great number of current projects and are also ready to enter into new activities. We stress the importance of knowledge sharing with our cooperative partners and of developing new technologies through a combination of shared knowledge and cooperation.



Our department values our network and we are strongly committed to our international relations. Therefore, we are continuously working to enhance and expand our international network and attract international collaborations. Guest lecturers and visiting researchers in our international network contribute greatly to the quality of our research and education.


Want to collaborate?

Contact one of our research groups:

Robotics, Vision and Machine Intelligence 

Behavioural Operations and Innovation Management 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

Robotics and Automation - Professor Ole Madsen

Operations Research - Associate Professor Peter Nielsen

Mass Customization - Associate Professor Kjeld Nielsen

CIP - Professor with Specific Responsibilities Brian Vejrum Wæhrens                                     

Celog - Professor Hans-Henrik Hvolby

Biomechanics - Professor John Rasmussen

Materials Science and Engineering - Associate Professor Mikael Larsen

Physics - Associate Professor Lars Diekhöner

Solid and Computational Mechanics - Professor Erik Lund




MP Visiting Researcher Programme 2022-2025

Associate Professors and Full Professors may apply for a research-related visit at the Department of Materials and Production.

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