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MP & MATH administration

Administrative tasks - find the right contact person

In the following, you will find an overview of tasks and contact persons in the department’s secretariat.

Remember; you can quickly find many answers by looking at the AAU handbook, the department’s intranet with guidelines or International Staff Office’s site (relevant for international newcomers).  

Daily Operation


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    to newly employeed or guests

    We cannot guarantee accomondaton!

    Many questions can be answered by looking at International Staff's webpage

    However, if you have any further questions, contact:

    Hr@mp.aau.dk - Louise Mette Møller or Christine Steenberg Pedersen

    Hotel bookings

    If you need to book a room, you can contact:

    Birgitte Bisgaard Gade gade@mp.aau.dk


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    The department has committees that are working on sustaining a good working environment. 

    Read about the committees, date of upcoming meeting and read minutes.

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    Email and Phones


    Experiencing problems with your email-account? Contact IT Support on +45 9940 2020 or support@its.aau.dk 

    If you do not have an account send a mail to:

    HR@mp.aau.dk - Louise Mette Møller or Christine Steenberg Pedersen


    Telephones and subscriptions

    If you are experiencing any challenges with your (mobile-)phone and/or subscription, contact:

    Birgitte Bisgaard Gade, gade@mp.aau.dk


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    want to request holiday or change requested holiday?

    Coordinate your holiday request with your Section Head/Coordinator and notify the department by sending a mail to: Ferie@mp.aau.dk



    Find many answers in the AAU Handbook.

    Specific questions can be adressed to ferie@mp.aau.dk


    Contact person In Aalborg:

    Christine Steenberg Pedersen, csp@mp.aau.dk 

    Contact person in Copenhagen:

    Trine Kort Lauridsen, tkl@mp.aau.dk 

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    Office furniture

    If you need to purchase new furniture, the process is as follows under 'Purchase'.  

    However, sometimes the department has few standard desks or chairs stored.


    Birgitte Gade gade@mp.aau.dk  



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    You can find many answers related to sickness absence in the AAU Handbook

    If you are absent due to your own or your child's illness, advise the department by sending a mail to syg@mp.aau.dk.

    REMEMBER to report back when you have returned.  

    If you did not find your answer, send a mail to syg@mp.aau.dk


    Contact person In Aalborg 

    Christine Steenberg Pedersen


    Contact person In Copenhagen

    Charlotte Zoey Søndergaard


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    to newly employeed or guests

    **NB! We cannot guarrentee acccomondation!**

    Many questions can be answer by looking at International Staff's webpage

    However, if you have any further questions, contact:


    Louise Mette Møller or Christine Steenberg Pedersen


    Hotel bookings

    If you need to book a room, you can contact:

     Birgitte Bisgaard Gade gade@mp.aau.dk

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    Guests and accomondation for guests

    If you have any questions related to having a guest or if you have a guest requesting accomondation, contact:

    Hr@mp.aau.dk - Louise Mette Møller or Christine Steenberg Pedersen



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    Ph.D administration

    Do you have questions related to your or your Ph.d. student's enrolment?

    You can find many answers at The Doctoral School of Engineering and Science's own home page: www.phd.engineering.aau.dk

    If you did not find your answer, send a mail to phd@mp.aau.dk

    Contact person: Merete Heide Dhaliwal


PR & Communication

Project administration

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    Project administration

    The project administration can help you with

    • Project administration
    • Preparation of applications  
    • Budget follow-up
    • Participation in meeting with steering committees
    • Accounts
    • Fundraising

    Find your research group and your contact person

    Robotics, Vision and Machine Intelligence                        

    Martin Munk Mortensen 

    Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Michelle Malaca Nielsen             malaca@mp.aau.dk

    Behavioural Operations and Innovation Management


    Materials Science and Engineering

    Karina Kjeldgaard Ludvigsen            kkl@mp.aau.dk

    Solid and Computational Engineering

    Martin Munk Mortensen 

    Karina Kjeldgaard Ludvigsen   


    Karina Kjeldgaard Ludvigsen           kkl@mp.aau.dk

    Karina Kjeldgaard Ludvigsen         kkl@mp.aau.dk

    Operations Research

    Tina Thorbjørnsen                           tth@mp.aau.dk

    Robotics and Automation

    Tina Thorbjørnsen                          tth@mp.aau.dk

    Mass Customization

    Karina Kjeldgaard Ludvigsen        kkl@mp.aau.dk


    Michelle Malaca Nielsen        malaca@mp.aau.dk


    Anders Dahl                                       ad@mp.aau.dk

    Karina Kjeldgaard Ludvigsen



Purchase and department economy

Study related tasks

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    Quality Assurance

    Contact persons

    Lisbeth Fredberg, lfr@mp.aau.dk

    Lise Suhr Mogensen, lsm@m-tech.aau.dk

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    Requisitions and diplomas

    Contact person: 

    Majken Frøkjær Toldbod, mft@m-tech.aau.dk

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    Study programmes

    Below you find the right contact persons for each study programme.



    Autonomous Systems tkl@mp.aau.dk Trine Kort Lauridsen
    Manufacturing and Operations Engineering

    1st + 2nd semester:

    psj@staff.aau.dk Pia Skovlund Jensen

    >2nd semester:

     tkl@mp.aau.dk  Trine Kort Lauridsen

    Operations and Management Engineering czs@mp.aau.dk Charlotte Zoey Søndergaard

    Operations and Innovation Management

    czs@mp.aau.dk Charlotte Zoey Søndergaard



    Bachelor i Globale Forretningssystemer (GBE)


    Hanne Korgaard Skjellerup

    Bachelor i Maskin og Produktion (MP)


    Grethe Dyhr

    Bachelor i IT (5.+6. semester) (BAIN)


    Hanne Korgaard Skjellerup

    Bachelor og kandidat i Fysik


    Jette Lynggaard Christensen

    Bachelor og kandidat i Nanoteknologi


    Jette Lynggaard Christensen

    Bachelor og kandidat i Matematik, Matematik-økonomi og Matematik-teknologi


    Lisbeth Grubbe Nielsen

    Cand.tech. Entrepreneurial Enginering


    Jette Lynggaard Christensen

    Cand.tech. Produktion


    Hanne Korgaard Skjellerup

    Design of Mechanical Systems


    Grethe Dyhr

    Electro Mechanical System Design


    Grethe Dyhr

    Operations and Innovation Management


    Hanne Korgaard Skjellerup

    Operations and Supply Chain Management


    Hanne Korgaard Skjellerup


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    Studyboard of Materials and Production

    Chairman: Jens Christian M. Rauhe

    Secretary: Lea Fransson Thiesen

    Mail: sn@mp.aau.dk


    Studyboard of Mathematical Science

    Chairman: Morten Nielsen

    Secretary: Lise Suhr Mogensen

    Mail: studyboard@math.aau.dk

travel reimbursement and insurance

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    Travel insurance

    You can find information on the university's travel insurance.

    Get the plastic insurance card from:


    Aalborg: Tina Thorbjørnsen, tth@mp.aau.dk

    Related questions: Send mail

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    Travel reimbursement


    Account 10 (all not related to projects): Line Jensen rejse@mp.aau.dk

    Account 90/95/97: Project administration - look under 'Project administration':


    Account 10: Trine Kort Lauridsen tkl@mp.aau.dk

    Account 90/95/97: Project administration - look under 'Project administration':

VBN - registration of research publications

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    registration of publications (VBN)


    You can find many answers by looking at www.vbn-office.aau.dk

    If you have questions related to specific registrations, contact:

    Amra Ibrisevic, amra@math.aau.dk


Head of administration

Coordinator for MATH

Administrative staff