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Students from MP receives grant from Siemensfonden for new 3D-printer

Students from MP receives grant from Siemensfonden for new 3D-printer

Our two students Frederik Juel Gadegaard og Jan Thuesen from Design of Mechanical Systems have been awarded a grant of 30.000 kr. from Siemensfonden, which has been used for a new 3D-printer.

Last modified: 21.02.2022

Frederik and Jan have applied for funds to purchase a 3D-printer that can manufacture parts with continuous fiber reinforcement, which is necessary to manufacture the test samples for the project.

This technology is at the forefront of FDM 3D-printing, and thereby allows for advanced optimization of bespoke components on the material level, previously impossible to perform with the means of a traditional 3D-printer or traditional machining techniques.

The printer Frederik and Jan have applied for is the Anisoprint Composer A4. It is based upon open software, which allows modifying parameters for new research. By having this technology available at Aalborg University it will now be possible for other students to explore continuous fiber 3D-printing or use it in their study projects.

The 3D-printer can be used in a wide variety of study activities in many different research areas, such as composite materials, lightweight designs, and manufacturing process capabilities.

Frederik and Jan’s application has been supported by their supervisors Professor Erik Lund and Ph.D. student Sebastian Malte Hermansen, who were co-applicants on the funding application.


Jan and Frederik was celebrated at the digital winter graduation on Friday, 11 February.