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Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering is nominated as honorary doctor

Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering is nominated as honorary doctor

The Faculty of Engineering and Science has nominated the egyptian/canadian professor Hoda ElMaraghy for an honorary doctorate at Aalborg University (AAU). On a daily basis, Hoda ElMaraghy is professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering and head of The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Center at the University of Windsor, which she founded with Professor Waguih ElMaraghy.

Last modified: 29.03.2021

Hoda ElMaraghy is internationally recognised and respected for her research into manufacturing systems. She is a well-known person and fellow of the most prestigious world-leading research and manufacturing organizations in the world such as The International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP), The Canadian Society of Engineers Mechanical (CSME), and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

She was one of the first researchers to explore the use of "Learning Factories" in teaching and research. IFactory, which is part of The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Center at the University of Windsor in Canada, was among the first learning factories in the world that was used to demonstrate intelligent production. Hoda ElMaraghy's use of learning factories has inspired universities all over the world – including Aalborg University, where the 'AAU Smart Production Lab' is an integral part of the education programme and research at the Department of Materials and Production

A rewarding collaboration 

Professor Hoda ElMaraghy has had an active and rewarding collaboration with the Department of Materials and Production (AAU) since 2014. She has hosted and mentored a number of researchers and PhD students at The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Center. This has resulted in significant research contributions and several joint publications.

With more than 380 scientific publications, more than 12,000 citations and an H-index of more than 50, Professor ElMaraghy is considered one of the most influential and key researchers in smart and smart production systems. Her inspirational research has opened new research fields in Co-Evolution and CoDevelopment of Product and Manufacturing Systems using Natural Evolution Principles.

Her recognised contribution in the development of modern manufacturing systems paradigms, flexibility and changeability has changed the way in which increased product variance are handled in an economically efficient and sustainable way. 

A role model for many

Professor Hoda ElMaraghy is a role model for women in engineering, and her academic success is an inspiration for women in research and engineering around the world. She is the first woman employed as dean of engineering at a Canadian university, and she is the first Canadian woman to get a PhD degree in mechanical engineering.  

Honorary doctor appointment

The official appointment will take place 15 April, at an online Academic Round Table event. In 2020 the appintment was postponed in because of the corona situation.

CARV2021 and MCPC2021 conferences

Professor Hoda ElMaraghy is also the keynote speaker at the joint CARV2021 and MCPC2021 conferences here in Aalborg in November. Check out the website for registration and more details:


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