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LEGO makes sustainable bricks

LEGO makes sustainable bricks

The prototype of a sustainable LEGO brick is ready, and the goal is to make all LEGO bricks sustainable by 2030. Jesper deClaville Christiansen from Materials and Production thinks this is a very ambitious, but still realistic green goal.

Last modified: 25.06.2021

After years of brainstorming and with large investments, LEGO has produced a sustainable brick made from the material PET from recycled bottles.

It is the first time that LEGO has recycled material in a brick. It is still just a prototype, and you cannot buy sustainable LEGO bricks yet. However, LEGO has a very ambitius green goal that all bricks must be made of sustainable materials by 2030.

Jesper deClaville Christiansen from Department of Materials and Production gives an expert interview to DR about LEGO's green goal: