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Aalborg University passed its exam!

Aalborg University is awarded positive institutional accreditation. This means that we offer high quality degree programmes and meet the standards defined for the university sector. This also marks the closure of a two-year process of rectifying the problems that were identified in the recent conditional positive institutional accreditation.

Last modified: 24.06.2018

On 21 June, the Accreditation Council decided to award positive institutional accreditation to Aalborg University. This means that AAU meets certain standards relating to relevance, knowledge base, the level and content of degree programmes and the internal quality assurance system.

‘AAU has passed its exam and I am very pleased that we can start the summer holiday knowing that our institution has received this seal of approval,’ says Pro-rector Inger Askehave.

Many staff and students were involved in the process

In 2016, Aalborg University received a conditional positive accreditation and the problems identified during this accreditation process were the self-evaluation process, the research-basis of degree programmes and the University’s physical study environment. Therefore, the University has worked hard to further develop its quality assurance system and to rectify the problems identified in 2016.

‘Many staff members and students have been involved in the accreditation process, and many staff members have dedicated their time and efforts in the implementation of new policies and procedures during our conditional accreditation. We would like to thank everyone involved for their great efforts,’ says Inger Askehave.

In maintaining this positive institutional accreditation, it is essential that the University continues to ensure the high quality and relevance of its degree programmes.

‘We would like to thank all the staff members who have been involved in this process. The day-to-day quality development efforts and the processes involved means that the Accreditation Council is confident that Aalborg University can maintain and further develop the quality of our degree programmes. We recognise the great efforts put into maintaining the quality and relevance of our degree programmes; and we are very pleased and very proud that the Accreditation Council has now awarded us a positive institutional accreditation,’ says Inger Askehave.

AAU will soon be initiating an evaluation process which will focus on the further development of the quality assurance system; and this aims to ensure that the system will add even more value to the University and to the quality of its degree programmes while meeting external requirements.

Read the accreditation report for Aalborg University (in Danish)

In the video below, Inger Askehave speaks about the positive institutional accreditation (in Danish)