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A new partnership between Innovation Factory North and local company in Aalborg is going create innovation within IoT and Industry 4.0.

A new partnership between Innovation Factory North and local company in Aalborg is going create innovation within IoT and Industry 4.0.

Expectations are high for the partnership between the AAU Project Innovation Factory North (IFN) and Xtel Wireless. With an aim to create innovation for both parties, business-relevant experiments in the laboratories of the Department of Materials and Production and new business opportunities within Industry 4.0.

Last modified: 20.12.2019

The collaboration between Innovation Factory North (AAU) and Xtel Wireless, a leading company within the development of IoT-product (Internet of Things), has already begun. The partnership shall contribute the research of how new and smart technologies are implemented in a production company with a focus on achieving the full potential of Industry 4.0.

The partnership is the first of 10 of its kind that Innovation Factory North will enter into during the 3-year period of the project. There are many opportunities and values in the cooperation, and the expectations for the knowledge sharing and results are high.

The new form of collaboration is an inspiration and sparring platform where knowledge, development, technology, innovation and implementation are shared between the parties.

The partnership model is also seen as a new and wider platform for the development of new technology in North Jutland, where AAU provides a collaborative environment and companies can meet, develop new technology with access to the knowledge and the resources available at AAU.

Associate Professor and Project Manager, Astrid Heidemann Lassen of the Department of Materials and Production at AAU says,

 "We wish to be a focal point for the competences in North Jutland within Smart Production. Our partnership with Xtel Wireless helps to inspire our research. The project's framework and our facilities allow us to work and test technologies across the implementation of Smart Production”.

A new platform for innovation in North Jutland

The collaboration with AAU open doors to environments where Xtel Wireless has the opportunity to test new systems and test the scalability and business potential of the products. It also gives a great opportunity for sparring with Innovation Factory North’s other collaborations.

“The partnership with AAU has great value for us at Xtel Wireless. We get closer to the knowledge at AAU, but we are also getting closer to the many talented and local competences that we have in North Jutland. Innovation Factory Nord gives us all a common neutral arena where ideas can be exchanged and testes,” says Mogens Durup Nielsen, Sales Director at Xtel Wireless.

Development requires new talent

In addition to the close and binding collaboration with Innovation Factory North and possible sparring with other companies, the collaboration also provides Xtel Wireless with the opportunity to include students at the Department of Material and Product in a number of cases. As the technological development advances, skilled and competent engineers becomes more sought after. This is why it is important for a company like Xtel Wireless to be visible to the new talents and to show which projects are being worked on in everyday life.

“We need to maintain the new competencies locally, but this requires us to be visible so that we can attract the new talent to the small and medium-sized companies in North Jutland rather than the traditional large engineering companies that are familiar to the students. In our partnership with Innovation Factory North, we hope to open students' eyes to the career opportunities that exist here in North Jutland, as well as showing the development, one can experience in a local development company, "adds Mogens Durup Nielsen.


Astrid Heidemann Lassen, associate professor at the department of materials and production, Aalborg University

Mail: ahl@mp.aau.dk tlf.: 9940 7109