Experimental facilities

Mechanical testing facilities:

Servo-hydraulic testing machines for static and fatigue testing (Schenck 400kN and 100 kN)

Electro-mechanical testing machines for static testing (Zwick 100 kN, Instron 50 kN (with environmental cell) and 2kN)

Electro-mechanical testing machines for static and fatigue testing (Intron Electropuls 10kN (with environmental cell))

Impact testing (Instron Ceast impact pendulum)

Micro-mechanical testing machines for in-situ microscopy/spectroscopy testing (Linkam 200 N thermal-mechanical rig)

Hardness testing (Micro-Vickers, Rockwell)


Thermo-mechanical testing facilities:

Differential scanning calorimetry (TA Instruments Q2000 , Netzsch STA 409 PC, Netzsch STA 409 PC)

Thermogravimetric analysis (TA Instruments Discovery, Netzsch STA 409 PC, Netzsch STA 409 PC)

Dynamic mechanical analysis (TA Instruments Q800)

Thermo-mechanical analysis (TA Instruments Q400)

Dilatorimetric analysis (Netzsch DIL 402)


Microscopy facilities:

Scanning Electron Microscopy (Zeiss EVO 60)

Light Optical Microscopes (Zeiss Axio Imager 2, Zeiss Axio VertA1)

Optical rheology system (Linkam CSS450)


Spectroscopy facilities:

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer Spectrum One, Bruker Lumos)

Raman Spectroscopy (Renishaw Invia micro-Raman spectroscope)


Rheology facilities:

Capillary rheometers (Göttfert Rheotester 1000, Instron Ceast SR50)

Rotational rheometers (Parr-Physica MCR500, TA Instruments DHR HR3 & Ares G2)


Metrology facilities

Surface roughness analysis (Somicromic Surfascan s-M3)

3D reference machine (Zeiss Contura)


Sample preparation facilities:

Grinding and polishing machines

Polymer compounding and extrusion (ThermoScientific Prism Eurolab 16 extruder, DSM Xplore microcompounder)

Polymer injection molding (ThermoScientific – Haake minijet II, Babyplast, Ferromatic Milacron K110)

Thermoset vacuum infusion facilities

High pressure solid state foaming


Heat treatment facilities:

High temperature furnaces up to 1500ᵒC in different environments



Head of Laboratory   

Mette Herold-Jensen
+45 9940 9231

Department of Materials and Production

Fibigerstræde 16, 9220 Aalborg - Denmark