comptest 2013 - 6th International conference on composites testing model Identification

CompTest 2013 where held 22-24 April 2013 in Aalborg, Denmark.

Conference scope

This conference aims at bringing together the International scientific community working in the field of testing and modeling of composite materials and structures. It is well accepted that testing such heterogeneous and anisotropic materials and structures raises a number of challenges to researchers, such as the identification of numerous parameters, the development of specific test fixtures (shear, compression, fracture toughness), or the control of parasitic effects. As a consequence, the development of testing and model identification procedures is broadly recognized as an interesting and important area.

Moreover, recent developments in optical whole-field measurement techniques (speckle interferometry, digital image correlation, among others) and in-situ damage monitoring (acoustic emission, optical fiber sensors) open a very broad field of investigation. Testing and identification procedures for composites which have been developed over the last few decades based on limited local strain measurements have to be adapted to make full use of the enormous amount of data that whole-field methods provide.

Apart from the large general composites conferences (ICCM, ECCM), there are very few occasions to exchange information on the topic of composites testing and model identification. The single session format of the conference is to provide a unique opportunity for an informal and focused scientific exchange on the topic.

Conference topics

The conference will focus on all issues related to identifying parameters for modelling the mechanical and physical behaviour of composite materials.

Particular attention will be given to

  • innovative identification procedures
  • interactions between testing and modelling
  • in-situ damage monitoring
  • the use of whole-field measurements

All composites materials will be addressed including (but not limited to)

  • polymers
  • cements
  • ceramics
  • metallic matrices
  • carbon fibres
  • glass fibres
  • boron fibres
  • natural fibres
  • wood

Keynote speakers

  • Professor Geoff Gibson, School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Director of Centre for Composite Materials Engineering, University of New Castle, UK. Title of plenary lecture: "Issues in Characterising and Modelling the Response of Aerospace Composites to Fire".
  • Professor Pedro Camanho, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal. Title of plenary lecture: "Mechanics of Ultra-thin Ply Laminates".
  • Dr. Torben K. Jacobsen, Senior Manager, Materials & Process, LM Wind Power Blades. Tentative title of plenary lecture: "Wind Turbine Blade Materials and Structures - State-of-the-art and Future Developments".


Châlons en Champagne (France) in January 2003
Bristol (UK) in September 2004
Porto (Portugal) in April 2006
Dayton (USA) in October 2008
Lausanne (Switzerland) in February 2011


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Ole Thybo Thomsen

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